welcome to moji support community

About Moji

  • Who we are?

    We are a team who always want to give an unique social network experience to all over the users in the country. The Moji will be an unique platform which represents all proud Sri lankan's stories with an unmatched level of privacy and security components.

  • Why we are unique?

    While all the social networks in the world run behind everyday evolutionary technology and aesthetic happiness, we are uniquely based on our users, mojian's feedback. The updates which reach you on a daily basis will surprise you everyday and make your experience with moji awesome.

  • What you can do with Moji?

    Looking for somewhere different and giving you fresh experience when you share your photos, you are at the right place. Moji will help you to find your friends, see their stories while sharing yours with them. And also Moji allows you to share photos related to your stories with a different structure. One of the other special characteristics of Moji is that it supports text posts with unique style for the first time in social media. So you are allowed to write your own story with different text styles.

How to Getting started

  • Who can be a "Mojian"?

    To be a Mojian you just need to be Sri lankan and have a valid mobile number in Sri lanka.

  • How to create an account?

    Create an account.

  • How to secure your account?

    We guarantee your data is always end-to-end secure with Moji, if you use a strong password at the very beginning. And more importantly all the messages related to Moji platform will be sent from SMS under Moji name or the email of contact@moji.lk. Do not respond to the other parties who pretend to be Moji.

Why "Moji" is secured

  • How is my data safe at Moji?

    Your data is always secure with Moji . We ensure your privacy and the trust you kept on us. Our users' data will never be unlocked for third parties in any case. Refer to our privacy policy for learning more.